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Company manufacturing wrist watches - Christi Oneil

Since we are ceramic watch company specializing in jewelry watches for ladies and men.

Christi Oneil ceramic watches are not only scratchproof - they are also beautiful .... as ceramic watch manufacturers.

Our products include men a womans luxury wrist watches manufactured to customer's or our own design.

Our wrist watches are a perfect solution for unique corporate luxury gifts. Ceramic wrist watch manufacturer company ....always try to put the human touch to watchmaking business. Recognition of quality of our products by our customers testifes that we aren't just an another ceramic watch company.

About our watch manufacturing capabilities

Wrist watch making company Christi Oneil

offers jewelry and dress watches and fashion timepieces designed for beauty and durability.

Corporate gifts, luxury watch manufacturers and makers. Company for jewelry wrist diamond and gold dress fashion watches.

Lady's and Men's Wrist Watch Manufacturing Company - Christi Oneil

Are you looking for a company manufacturing jewelry watches, fashion watches, scratchproof ceramic watches or perhaps for watch manufacturers able to make for you custom designed wrist watch for luxurious corporate gifts?
If that is the case, than don't look further. You had come to the right place.

Christi Oneil is a pioneer in sophisticated watch design that charms its international customers. Lady's and men's wrist watches manufactured by under our own brand name - CHRISTI ONEIL - are not only timepieces for measuring the time.
They are the outcome of sofisticated technology used on the finest and the most precious materials and human touch.

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